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(RB3510)Cross Cylindrical Roller Bearing
  • (RB3510)Cross Cylindrical Roller Bearing

After such arrangement, the load of the whole Cross Roller Bearing is larger than that of the traditional bearing structure, and radial load, axial load, torque load and cross roller bearings can be sustained. Because of its special roller arrangement, the probability of the cross Roller Bearing is greatly reduced because of heavy load. The load of the cross roller increases with the increase of the radial outward load, but the load of the inner and outer circles will also increase continuously, but the area of the contact between the roller and the raceway will be reduced, that is, the roller will become uneven. The size of the two rollers inside and outside the cross rollers has been shrinking. The size of the cross rollers now is ultra-thin small rollers, but its rigidity is still very high. So it appears in a large number of mechanical applications, such as hospital medical devices and Ic manufacturing devices.