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(RB4510)Cross Cylindrical Roller Bearing
  • (RB4510)Cross Cylindrical Roller Bearing

At present, few people have studied the life of the Cross Roller Bearing, but for the machine, the service life is an important factor affecting the production. The load and speed are the important factors that affect the life of the cross Roller Bearing. The greater the rotation speed of cross roller, roller and the outer ring of the contact area will increase, the friction is relatively large, will shorten the service life of bearing. When the load of the cross roller bearing increases, the life of the bearing will also decrease. According to these two points, we can conclude that if we want to improve the life of cross roller bearings, we can slow down its rotation speed and reduce its load. Besides, the daily care of cross roller bearings is also an effective way to improve the life of cross roller bearings.