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Cross Roller Bearing YRT50
  • Cross Roller Bearing YRT50

However, the Cross Roller Bearing in other aspects has the advantage that the YRT rotary table bearing can't be surpassed. Firstly, compared with the cross Roller Bearing and the YRT rotary table bearing in the same size segment, the cross roller bearing structure is relatively simple, through a row The cylindrical rolling elements arranged on a single raceway cross each other can obtain considerable axial and radial bearing capacity and overturning moment, while the YRT turntable bearings must be arranged in three rows of rolling paths through three rows of cylindrical rolling bodies. In order to achieve the same effect, this brings great inconvenience in production and processing. Compared to the single-row raceway of the crossed roller bearing, the production and processing complexity of the YRT Turntable Bearing is greatly increased, and the difficulty is also greatly improved. The quality of production and processing equipment and production personnel put forward high requirements. 

For users, the cost performance of cross roller bearings is much higher than that of YRT turntable bearings, which is why cross roller bearings gradually replaced YRT turntable bearings in recent years. It can be imagined that in the near future, high precision Cross roller bearings will replace YRT turntable bearings in a wide range.